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Secondhand Rapture

  1. Hurricane
  2. Bones
  3. Ash Tree Lane
  4. Fantasy
  5. Dark Doo Wop
  6. Head Is Not My Home
  7. Salty Sweet
  8. Think Of You
  9. Twenty Seven
  10. BTSK
  11. No Trace
  12. This Isn’t Control

The Directors

DAVID DEAN BURKHART has been an exceptional addition to the MS MR family and instrumental in defining our aesthetic and yet...we've never met. We found David, like so many other artists that we've fallen in love with, through Vimeo, repeatedly finding ourselves absorbed in his extraordinary found footage videos. David stands out among the many editors using found footage not only for his use of unusual film, TV and home video footage but also through his design, layout and edits. He has the incredible ability to combine seemingly random material to perfectly capture an abstract emotion, as he does in these clips for BTSK and Head is Not My Home. He's a diamond in the rough and has been with us since our first EP, Ghost City USA. You can view more of his material here: and

LUKE GILFORD is a writer, director and photographer based in Los Angeles. He often works with surreal or supernatural themes, usually set in everyday, suburban environments. His work has been exhibited at MoMA New York, FOAM Museum Amsterdam and MUSAC Museum Spain. Luke has created works for the New York Times, V, and Dazed & Confused magazine, as well the Miss America Organization and Maison Martin Margiela. We had the pleasure of working with Luke on the newest Hurricane video that we released in April. What strikes us about his work is his ability to capture fleeting moments with a heightened sense of emotion...he toys with dreamlike landscapes that feel simultaneously relatable and exotic. Here he directs cinegrams for Ash Tree Lane (starring his grandmother), Fantasy and This Isn't Control. You can view more of his work here:

Oregon-born artist TYLER KOHLHOFF lives in Brooklyn, NY and collaborated with stylist Lana Jay Lackey to create video loops for Twenty Seven, Bones and Think of You, with special thanks to Laura Stiassni and Ty Shearn. Our aesthetic has completely developed alongside Tyler's as he was the first photographer we worked with. He had just moved from Portland to New York, we were beginning to figure out how we wanted to visually define the project, and we immediately fell into an effortless back and forth about aesthetics. We're always trying to combine the grandiose with the mundane, the high and low brow, and to both seduce and revolt, producing images with a dark underbelly, grime and grit to them. Tyler has been the perfect partner. In addition to many of our press photos, Tyler shot both the cover of our EP, Candy Bar Creep Show, and our album cover for Secondhand Rapture. This project was a wonderful chance to work with him in film and he's stayed true to the concepts we've worked on from the beginning, combining original and found footage to create a new narrative. You can view more work here:

AUSTIN PETERS is a fellow New Yorker and is infamous in our hometown scene. His incredible talents and experience are all over the map - he moves effortlessly and freely between all mediums within film and is always striving to connect them and put them in a modern context in unexpected ways. It was a treat working with him on our first official video for Fantasy; his contribution to this project allowed us to explore VHS manipulation in his clips for Dark Doo Wop and No Trace. You can view more work here:

BILL RICHARDS is an animator and illustrator who incorporates various combinations of 2D, 3D, live effects and destructive processes in an effort to create sublime viewing experiences. He's an incredible artist who can create, morph, and manipulate images while staying true to our aesthetic. We collaborated with Bill to create the lyric video for Bones, we love how he creates images that feel familiar and classic but still unique to each project. Here he tackles Salty Sweet and Hurricane. More of his work can be viewed at and

Secondhand Captures

Ever since we began writing music together we've been fascinated by the multitude of ways music can transcend mediums and influence other forms of art. Over the past two years we've developed a visual identity alongside the music, obsessively curating our tumblr page and creating found footage videos to accompany the tracks we released. Through this, collage became the foundation of our aesthetic, and we created original photographs, artwork and videos that built on these ideas.

As we began planning the release of our debut album, Secondhand Rapture, we wanted to continue exploring the idea of collage to create a visual accompaniment to every song. This became SECONDHAND CAPTURES, a collaboration with many of the video and digital design artists we've had had the pleasure of working with over the past two years.

We gave five directors two or three songs from the album and asked them to create an accompanying visual that could be played on loop for the duration of the song. Each brings their own style and vision to the project, providing a new face to the music.

In addition to the clips that emerged from these collaborations, we've incorporated photos from instagram within the player, inviting our fans to contribute their own visual ideas to the collage. Any photo uploaded with both the hashtag at the bottom of the screen and #msmr is automatically included in the player - please get involved.


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